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Mind-Body Healing Center

Who We Are

The Mind-Body Healing Center in Santa Monica, California, is a holistic wellness facility that combines psychotherapy with body awareness training, stressing focus, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, to treat mental health issues in the modern era.

We blend empowering techniques, which aim to integrate all the necessary components for lasting change. We will explore how your mind processes your life, how to sync your mind and body so they are moving as one, and how to integrate so that you are empowered, healed, and have control of your life and relationships.

We help patients improve the quality of their lives by gaining insight into the deeper issues that are holding them back. Our practice is collaborative, engaging, warm and straightforward. With our approach, you will experience lasting change.


Services we offer:

Who is a typical patient for us?

You’re self-aware and creative, but there’s something that’s holding you back. Maybe you’ve achieved goals in life that you worked towards, but you know there’s more out there. Perhaps you enjoy what you’re doing, but you don’t feel like you’ve found your purpose. And that ‘something’ that’s been holding you back is the awareness, psychologically, emotionally and physiologically, of patterns that you may be stuck in, that could relate to your past, to trauma or relationships.

The solution may be helping you become more aware of the patterns that prevent you from achieving your purpose, or the next stage of your life. You may need to look back and see what patterns you’re stuck in, but you may also look forward, and see what’ll it look like when you’re not.

Breaking the triggers to move on

Therapy works by desensitizing neural connections, called charges, so that you can reprocess events that have happened in the past; the charged memories diffuse and no longer trigger anxieties. Our practices lessen the strength of a trigger, and reprogram the way that your body and your mind relate to the event that happened, so when you deactivate a charge, there’s no trigger, and you feel more relaxed and in control.


Mind-Body Healing Center’s Unique Approach to Wellness

Empathetic and caring

Friendly and approachable

10 years experience

Challenging yet fun sessions

Growth and empowerment specialist


What Our Clients tell us

“I really enjoy learning to grow as an individual.”


“I’ve learned a lot about myself.”



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