Traditional and Mind-Body Therapies

Psychotherapy takes relaxing, it takes fortitude, it takes practice, it takes trust. It also requires a tolerance of intimacy, with which, in our increasingly fast-paced technological society, many people are uncomfortable. The Mind-Body Healing Center can help you break away common barriers to personal growth and strong interpersonal relationships. Are you ready to help yourself?


Individual therapy is a unique opportunity to explore your emotional potential.  While we work together, I will help you find your untapped resources that lay dormant, which will allow your best self to emerge. Through our work together, you will learn how to tolerate overwhelming feelings that negatively impact your personal life and relationships. Over time, you will notice that the work we do together inspires more fulfilling relationships, which will improve the quality of your life.

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Couples therapy is an invaluable resource to help you negotiate the difficulties in your relationship.  My intention as your couples therapist is to bring the two of you closer together while at the same time helping you with personal growth. My job is to help unfold the truth of your relationship.  I am committed to making that happen and I will help you to flesh out the real nature of your relationship by supporting each of you to grow a tolerance for what is true between the two of you.

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To come.

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I really enjoy learning to grow as an individual.

I've learned a lot about myself


We teach different modalities of mind-body medicine, including biofeedback, hypnosis, movement, drawing as a form of healing, and others. Mind-body medicine workshops are essentially eight-week participatory classes that help clients control their attention by improving their focus.  Find out more »


Hypnotherapy is popular with behavioral issues such as distractibility, smoking and inability to sleep. A hypnotherapist discerns uncomfortable behavior patterns and habits, and then suggests modifications while the patient is inducted into a trance or a more relaxed state, to shift the patterns unconsciously as well as consciously. Find out more »


Biofeedback is the process of measuring your body’s responses to mental and emotional stimuli. A biofeedback device shows your body’s responses when you are thinking about a subject. When you consciously try and change the graphical output, you also change your physical state and, by extension, your psychological one. Find out more »


EMDR helps patients desensitize traumatic memories and lets them reprocess events that have happened. When you use EMDR, you bypass the memory triggers that cause these uncomfortable thought patterns, and reprogram the way that your body and your mind relates to traumatic events. Find out more »


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